At DEL, we believe that the essential in the success of any brokerage house is the strength of its human capital. To this end the company has required individual with a strong record of achievements and integrity of its dealing and back office team.
At DEL, we believe that the brokerage house should maintain the highest level of integrity and ethical standards in order to maintain the client trust and confidence.

The success of the company lies in its Professional Development, we are fully aware of the crucial role of development in translating strategies into tangible assets. Recognizing the fact that, only through professional development we would be able to fulfill the mandate of achieving our goal of customer satisfaction.

DEL offer to its clients best solution develop or rearrange their portfolio in light of the change market scenario in the country.

Recognizing the importance of Financial and Economic Research, we have developed in-house expertise to assist our valued customers. DELs research department is being run by competent analysts, who effectively apply investment and economic tools to interpret the market economic tools.

Personalized Attention 
Focus on Client Service 
Prudent and Realistic Approach 
Advising a Balanced Portfolio 
Blue Chips
Dividend Paying Stocks
Fixed Income
Growth Stocks
Translation of Info and Data

We have established internal ethical guidelines includes for all staff, which are enforced by our compliance department. These guidelines include a complete ban on property trading, non disclosure of the client identity, prohibition from taking the other side of clients trade the establishment of Chinese walls between the different dealing and operational area including the primary and secondary desks, as well as prohibition on trading employees of the company.

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